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CRISIS - An urgent heartfelt post....

For those who aren’t already aware, Bitches UnleaSHEd is a passion project run by two Domina’s who have poured their HEART AND SOUL into this event over the past few years.

Our last event had to be cancelled and it has made us DETERMINED not to let anyone down and to make our next event the most amazing pervert party ever conceived.

However, it we did not conceive a potential zombie apocalypse was in our midst. We have seen other functions and events cancel one by one and made a plan to put a safety protocol in place but things have escalated to such a degree that we feel we would be putting our community at risk by throwing this event.

All these factors considered, the financial loss and potentially letting our beloved patrons down has us b both truly DEVASTATED. After staying strong in response to our last cancellation, we really feel utterly heartbroken to have to announce the official cancelation of the March BU on Saturday.

Alas, we feel this is out of our hands as the wold is in crisis and more government warnings are issued. Financially the situation has affected us but we have to be transparent and honest as we always have been with our supporters and make a decision thats in the best interest of our community.

Refunds will be available to anyone who wants to claim one but please note that more information will be released over the coming days as we put our heads together to come up with ways to keep your spirits up until such a time when we are able to throw the next event ……..Goddess willing!

Please be kind, your support means everything during this sensitive time.


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