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Bitches UnleaSHEd is a judgement-free environment where Dominant Females reign supreme and submissives can free themselves of societal pressures and embrace the slave they really are.

A luxe atmosphere and simple rules to follow. Females can also delight and revel in their true Dominant nature and superiority. There will be entertainment the way it should be, with submissives volunteering and Superior Females laughing at their expense.

Come to play, relax or simply meet others who share your addiction to our FemDom Queendom.

We use a wristband system to make it easy for others to indicate interests and for Dominants to easily identify what play IS or ISN'T appropriate. Please adhere to these rules or you will be asked to leave. (ALWAYS seek consent before engaging someone in play)

The house safe word 'RED' should always be respected and used clearly and audibly if you are uncomfortable with any level of play.

We have a dress code that must be followed: Kinky attire only, please make an effort to fit the theme or simply dress in kinky or fetish attire. Lingerie, leather, latex, PVC, uniforms or similar. We do NOT allow street clothes. If you are found to be circulating the event in street clothes, you will be given a humiliating T-shirt to wear that reflects your ignorance of our rules.

Photographs will be taken by our designated photographer - these photographs WILL be posted on the website, please bare this in mind before opting to pose as we cannot guarantee individual faces and tattoos will be blurred. You may take the photographers card if you wish to arrange your own private shoot but photos taken at the event are voluntary and for the purpose of advertising.

Remember if you are new to BU make it clear to others, the community will always make newcomers feel at home and the house Dommes are there to make solo subs feel more at ease. With this in mind we do not wipe the asses of grown adults so please be realistic and reasonable in your expectations. 

Doors open at 8pm and you MUST arrive before 10pm for the safety announcements, slave oath and introduction of the house Dommes. Any issues that should arise on the night that violate rules should be reported to either Mistress Buffy Brown or Miss Kitty so it can be delt with promptly.

Enjoy Bitches!

-The BU Team

our next event is 8th June 2024

Suitable for hedonists and those looking for a kinky evening centred around FemDom

More answers to your questions can be found in the Q&A section of our website HERE - If you cannot find the answer to your question here - please contact us via email or social media HERE.

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