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At BU we have an ethos that strongly represents the environment that we have created for the BDSM community. A consenting environment is a top priority, this is the reason we explored various avenues to ensure the safety of our patrons.

To ensure that ALL attendees are adhering to the risk assessed consensual kink format (RACK), we have a structure in place and this is enforced over various platforms leading up to, as well as being announced and re-iterated on the evening itself. These include;


    Wrist Bands - Denoting appropriate levels of play you find acceptable.




    Slave Oath. Each slave pledges an oath at the beginning of the event to serve all females within limits (These limits are denoted by wristbands)



    Announcements regarding a universal safe word (RED) are made by the Compere and Enforced by BU as a whole. We expect guests to respect this rule.



    House Dommes - As advertised by the compere at the beginning of the evening, House Dommes are made available to oversee play and be on hand for anyone seeking advice.



    Pre event safety announcements including info about the wristband system and consensual play are advertised via several social media platforms, on the night by our compere and on our website (see wristbands in the menu bar above)


We take consent very seriously and as advertised it is a high protocol event, therefore consent is a given when participating in this environment. We would never advocate a breech of safety, or an action to a guest that would incite discomfort above and beyond an acceptable level. This is the reason consent hinges upon a wrist banding system and subsequent types of play is based upon this choice.

Therefore, onus lies with the participants to make an informed choice of wristband suitability for the event. As event organisers we can outline our aims and objectives and ensure we have a house safe word, and rules in place, in addition we have house Dommes to monitor play. However, there is a personal responsibility to ensure you choose the correct wrist band and as stated we cannot hold ourselves responsible for each individual choice made by every attendee.


Going forward, there will be some adjustments to our safety guidelines which will include:


    The addition of circular emails highlighting the house rules surrounding consent.



    Upon entering our event consent guidelines and a disclaimer will be available to read.


We encourage any guest to speak to a member of the team if they feel their consent continues to be breached after clearly and audibly saying the safe word. 'RED'

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