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Whats in store on 28th Sept?

Greetings perverts!

With the September soirée creeping up on us, we thought now was about time to reveal some ‘things to look forward to’ at Bitches UnleaSHEd?: ...our FemDom event held on the 28th September..

Of course we will have the very popular slave games which will be conducted by our wonderful house Dommes and the popular airhorn rule where our slave-guests will be instructed to quickly lie face down on the ground when the house Domme sounds the airhorn. Any failure to do so will be subject to punishment.

Speaking of house Dommes! This time we are so proud to announce the wonderful ladies who have taken time out of their busy schedules to help us with the evenings naughtiness!

Mistress Tess, Mistress Zephyr and introducing our newest house Domme, Mistress Karina!!

The purpose of our house Dommes are to act as true representations of Female Supremacy at it’s finest and they will be overseeing any public play, with full authority to enforce the BU safety rules with three iron fists!

Mistress Karina

Expect to meet Fhionna Mac, author of ‘Bitter Sweet’ a fictionalised autobiography about Domination and submission.

We are so excited to promote a fellow Dominant female at Bitches UnleaSHEd because we believe, in solidarity, we all ultimately gain more power. Fhionna will be selling and signing copies of her book on the night so please ensure you stop by to give her your support. Below is a synopsis from her wonderful book available to buy here: Amazon - Waterstones - Barnes & Noble - Coco de Mer.


Aeneas has a wonderful home, a good job and a supportive boss, but he desperately seeks change. He is the master of his own fate but is drawn to the possibilities of life as a slave. He’s never shared this desire with anyone but concludes it’s time to confide in his best friend, Hank, hoping he will understand.

Fhionna has her own display-artist business but also runs a successful fetish event called Violate. She lives on the outskirts of Glasgow in a large house inherited from her parents but has converted the basement in to a wonderful dungeon. She’s an intense character who is head strong, intelligent, and loves to be adored, but believes that respect is paramount to all of her relationships. She has high standards and expects the same of others.

The characters that gravitate towards her have their own motives for wanting to be a part of her life but Stephan becomes a major interest to her. He exudes charm and has many talents but his masochism is his true gift. This makes him the prime target for Aeneas’ jealousy as it becomes apparent that he is highly valued by her. Stephan is the person who is most capable of disrupting Aeneas’ choice to remain as her slave, even though it’s the one thing he’s always dreamed of becoming.

Author of ‘Bitter Sweet’ - Fhionna Mac

Joanna Armstrong will be our official photographer and images are only taken with consent. Face-blur is optional on request if you'd still like to participate in pictures whilst remaining anonymous.

With regards to selfies at the event, please be respectful of the privacy and anonymity of others.

We welcome back Mizz Ruby who will be our Mistress of ceremonies announcing the evenings events and conducting the very important 'slave oath' at around 10.30pm. The party begins at 8pm and we insist all guests arrive no later than 10pm.

Want to gift your favourite Dominant with cocktails or champagne for the evening?

Drinks tickets can be purchased in advance & will be presented to your Mistress upon her arrival. She will receive the tickets in an envelope with a message of your choosing. There will be a cut off for this service on the 21st September. Please email all requests to : and pop 'Drinks Bitch' in the subject line.

Tickets are still available for this event. For tickets click HERE

Want to know more about Bitches UnleaSHEd? click HERE for an idiots guide.


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