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The Nativity - December 14th 2019

Good afternoon UnleaSHEd supporters!

The slave games are always a very popular, interactive part of our events and something Bitches UnleaSHEd have become known for. This Christmas we want to make things more interactive than ever before and have decided that in leu of the slave games we will be hosting a very kinky nativity!

We are looking for 17 slaves to volunteer themselves for a part in what will be the performance of a lifetime!

The parts will be allocated in the coming weeks and securing a part in our kinky play will mean getting the chance to entertain a whole room of Superior Females and be super blasphemous!

Now the parts have been released below (and via our twitter feed: @BitchesUnleSHEd) you will have the chance to volunteer for a part and Mistresses will have a chance to push forward their most hysterical slaves.

If you live to make beautiful Women laugh, we expect you to register your interest in auditioning for a certain part, at which point you will be given a few lines. You will then be required submit a twitter audition saying these lines (you can be masked) - Don’t forget to tag @BitchesUnleSHEd or we won’t see it!

Miss Kitty and Mistress Brown will be deciding who will get what part based on your auditions and possibly put to a live vote. As part of your servitude to Bitches UnleaSHEd, if you get the part, ensure you arrive in time and have read over your full script which will be submitted to you once you get the part.

Nativity players will be caged by the House Dommes on the evening of BU (Dec 14th) until it’s your time to SHINE!!

Please note that we would like all prospective slaves to appreciate that the overall play will be tarnished if you cannot be relied upon so please only agree if you are going to take this opportunity seriously….at least until you are on stage!

Auditions to commence tomorrow via twitter:

PARTS AVAILABLE: - Narrater - Mary - Angel Gay-briel - Joseph - Inn keeper - Shepard x4 - Sheep - 3 stupid men - Donkey - Adult Baby Jesus - Tree 1 - Tree 2-


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