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The Comeback blog!

Firstly, we’d like to thank each and every BU supporter for being so understanding over the sudden cancellation of our last event. We really were overwhelmed with the unwavering support from our fellow perverts and we are SO THRILLED to deliver the news that we have also found our new home.

As you can imagine, in true BU style we need to make this event sparkle!! We always endeavour to make each of our events better than the last, so we have scouted a large venue with ample dressing space, lockers, a pool area, sauna, dungeon and both public and private play areas!!

This fabulous venue is located a little outside of central Manchester on Whitelegge St, Bury at Partners2Partners. Central Bury has both train and metro links and the venue is only a short taxi ride from the centre.

The event will run from 8pm - 3am on 21st March and is for ticket holders ONLY. Please note that in order to uphold legal capacity laws we have to set a limit so please do not leave ticket purchase to last minute!

Tickets are NOW LIVE and available to purchase CLICK HERE

Follow us and tweet your fellow Mistresses and slaves @BitchesUnleSHEd


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