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Pop Art Theme - 02/04/22 - Tickets On Sale Now!

The North West hosts another Bitches UnleaSHEd party strictly for powerful females and their submissive admirers. We hope you will join us this coming April for another colourful Femdom event hosted by Mistress Brown and Miss Kitty.


The new venue certainly has its merits with private rooms for more intimate play and open spaces for social endeavours and public play! There is a small pool, jacuzzi and sauna for relaxing and a dungeon for more structured play scenes with the added bonus of a voyeur bay in the room above!

We welcome water-sports scenes in the wet room area and towels and shower facilities are also provided for those who wish to utilise them.

Please note that the venue nor Bitches UnleaSHEd will accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. If you would like access to a locker for your vanilla clothing and valuables, be sure to arrive earlier rather than later. Everyone attending must be on the premises for 10pm at the very latest for the slave oath and safety announcements.

We have always endeavoured to make each event different from the last, so this spring will reflect a pop-art theme. Although it isn’t mandatory to join in, it sure as hell adds some fun for the evening; certainly for the Mistresses involved! Any slaves looking to impress are encouraged to make the effort!

POP ART Andy Warhol is probably the most well known pop art icon to become an influential figure in the fashion world. He began his career as a fashion illustrator, working for magazines such as Glamor, Mademoiselle and Vogue. Since then, artists such as David Lachapelle have utilised this iconic style to portray beauties like Transgender Model and all round icon Amanda Lepore...but why stop there?

Think loud colours and impactful imagery! Utilise monochromatic brights in your outfit design or polka dots as portrayed in Roy Lichtenstein's work. If you are a slave, perhaps make yourself into an abstract piece of pop-culture objet d'art for maximum objectification points - Think Claes Oldenburg's series of toilet or ashtray works! (Pictured Below)

Of course our slave games will reflect the theme and add the element of fun that Bitches UnleaSHEd is synonymous for. House Dommes will be announced soon and you will be pleased to know, tickets are already on sale. Tickets tend to sell out fast and only ticket-holders will be permitted to attend this private event. Do not miss out!

Click the link below to purchase your tickets for 2nd April 2022.


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