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Night Of Isis - 17/09/22

Join us on the 17th of September for an Egyptian themed Femdom event where Goddesses bring on a plague of hurt upon their servile worshippers.

Isis was the ancient Egyptian Goddess of fertility, also known as the Goddess of motherhood, magic, death, healing, and rebirth. In the name of Goddess Isis, we celebrate the divine power and superiority of the Female species at BU this September.

We at Bitches UnleaSHEd have always believed the Female species are true Goddesses to be served and appeased through offerings and rituals much like Egyptian deities. This power exchange enables the natural forces of Femdom to continue to function according to maat, the Egyptian divine order.

We appreciate you embracing the theme, particularly one that reflects a Goddess and slave power dynamic that transcends ancient history.

Come dressed in kink attire or (preferably) as an Egyptian slave sporting a traditional loin-cloth or go all out serving full Cleopatra realness. Alternatively, there are many animal themed Egyptian deities to base your look around, so be creative!

Important Info

The doors open at 8pm for ticket holders only - You MUST arrive no later than 10pm for the safety announcements, fire safety details, house safe word and the introduction of the house Dommes.

Wristbands are there to help identify your kinks, add or remove them as you see fit, wear as many as you like and do not feel pressured to wear a particular band. Make these decisions for yourself and play responsibly - Read more about our banding system HERE

If you are going to engage in play, seek consent ALWAYS. Do not encroach on any play scene without asking first and use your safe word if necessary. We do not take any responsibility for those who neglect to use their safe word and complain later. We are all adults - if in doubt seek out a house Domme or the event organisers.

House Dommes

We are proud to announce Mistress Raven, Flower DeFlowered, Mistress Fae and Ma'am Malice as our resident house Dommes for the evening. They are there to oversee safe play, for questions regarding the event and to make newcomers feel welcome.

As mentioned above, they will all be introduced in person after the safety announcements, before the slave oath which is not only a BU tradition but a compulsory element to attend. (10.30pm)

Slave Games

The 'Slave Games' will be paired down for our next event & we will be giving you 2 options! One approved by Mistress Brown (Details below) and another by Miss Kitty.

It's up to you OR your Mistress to pick which you will be participating in - *Remember your participation is not a requirement*

Game number 1: As selected by Mistress Brown - Participating humiliation slaves are to learn the choreography to 'Walk Like an Egyptian' as per the video below prior to the event - you will be judged by the house Dommes.

Game number 2: As selected by Miss Kitty - For those of you who remember 'The List Game' from the very first event. BU is bringing it back *By popular demand!* ...but with little Egyptian twists here and there. Lists will be circulated to participants at the event. Be sure to get yours after the safety announcements - The house Dommes will be handing them out!

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS - Limited numbers remain. You may not purchase tickets on the door *Unless you have a prior agreement with the BU team*


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