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Let Them Eat Cake- 09.12.23

We are exited to present to you "Let them Eat Cake"

An evening filled with debauchery and opulence. Who doesn't like the idea of over indulgence and lavish surroundings? But what are you over indulging on? As Bitches UnleaSHEd tradition would state, there will be pleanty of fun and games with the slaves providing the in-house entertainment. We will endeavour to ensure that "over indulgence" will be heavily themed during the infamous slave games.

Never been before? Our venue boasts

A fully equipped dungeon area

Two jacuzzi pools which towels and showers are provided

A large bar and chill/ social area

A pole to watch your favourite hummilliation slaves entertain you

Private play spaces with lockable doors for more intimate scenes

A resident human toilet

A glory hole area

A central play area for group play

A glass ceiling viewing room overlooking the dungeon

We have our fantastic House Dommes for the evening





We have our resident photographer


We will also be honouring Miss Kitty at every @Bitchesunleshed event by displaying the exquisite watercolour produced in memory of her by Sardax . There will be a fund raising bucket for @fanconihope at each event.



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