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Below is a statement that we unfortunately had no choice but to release, in the interest of maintaining complete transparency with our guests and loyal supporters;

As event organisers, we owe it to ourselves and our guests to throw a fantastic event that is both safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. We would never wish to compromise the standard of our event or the safety of our guests and it is for this reason, with much regret, we have had to make the executive decision to cancel Saturdays event at short notice.

It’s unfortunate but we have gone down every channel available to us in order to try and prevent this happening but unfortunately it could not be avoided.

This decision was made after finding out that due to failure on the venues part to comply with fire safety regulations, we are no longer able to host our event without putting the safety of our guests at risk and this is a non-negotiable factor for us. Safety is paramount.

This event really means a lot to both ourselves and the kink community; We appreciate whole-heartedly that some of you have made arrangements in order to attend on Saturday and we can only apologise for this. We will be issuing refunds next week although we strongly advise you retain your ticket for the next event which will be taking place within the next few months (DTBA)

We will expect those who are seeking a refund to make sure to contact the below email address with REFUND PLEASE in the subject line and include the transaction code and email address the ticket was purchased under.

If you wish to transfer your ticket to the next event then please use TRANSFER in the subject line along with your transaction number and email address the ticket was purchased under.

This must be done before the 21st December. Any further refunds will be issued after the Christmas period. We encourage you pass this information on to your fellow ticket holders so we can ensure this unfortunate situation causes as little inconvenience as possible.

Please note there is a small admin fee the website absorbs for processing our tickets and we would appreciate your understanding on this and as a small token of thanks, we will be offering a number of drinks tickets to those who were affected at the next event with our compliments.


We really appreciate your support, empathy and understanding on this matter and we look forward to seeing you in the new year for the biggest, baddest and best BU yet!

The BU Team



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